About us

With Defence Health, you're in safe hands

Since 1953, we’ve remained true to our purpose to protect the health of those who protect our country.

We're here to support the families of those who defend our country. And care for those who once served. We’re also here for their supporters – the parents, brothers and sisters who are part of the Defence community too. You all belong with us.

We'll look out for you with great value health cover and outstanding service. And we'll give you the recognition for what you've been part of.

When you join Defence Health, you’re more than just a name or a number to us. We truly listen to you and demonstrate our genuine care, understanding and expertise.

More than 300,000 Australians are part of our family. When you join us, you’ll discover why they stay.

Look to a health fund that looks out for you rather than profit. We get you. And we get what you need from your health fund. We look after our own. 

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